Training Points in Crystal Palace


I have dabbled in many different ways of keeping fit in London: the Serpentine Running Club, zumba, normal yoga, glow yoga, Bikram yoga, spinning, Power Plates, Gymbox membership, Fitness First membership, Insanity workout DVDs, bootcamp, swimming, running around Crystal Palace park… nothing has stuck like going to the group training sessions at Training Points, 85 Church Road in Crystal Palace.


The studio is small, but has all the space and equipment we need for a group that is usually only around 5 people. It’s a nice, relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the walls are adorned with herbal teas, painted handprints, and mirrors. There’s no changing room, so no awkward shuffling around and cold smelly showers – I only live round the corner so it’s ideal for me.

Anna is the fitness instructor for legs, bums and tums on a Sunday morning at 10am, and the core class at 8pm on a Monday. She’s the best instructor I’ve ever had – incredibly fit (inspiring!), but also very enthusiastic, it’s clear she’s passionate about getting people fit. She gives me just the right kind of positive encouragement that leaves me feeling physically a broken woman but mentally a million dollars. With loud music and random chatting and joking to distract you, she somehow manages to make the hour go very fast. This is exactly what I need to keep me sane – but I know there are also pilates and pre-natal classes for those who prefer a bit more tranquility.

It’s £12 for a class that consists of one hour of training, and results in several days worth smugness. If you’re anywhere on the triangle, you should definitely check it out.

Hurrah for Crystal Palace!


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