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Book Review: Granny Grabber’s Whizz Bang World


Granny Grabber’s Whizz Bang World by Charlotte Haptie


Delilah’s over-achieving parents want nothing more than for Delilah to win the Worldwide Junior Extreme General Knowledge Competition. Delilah tries to live up to their expectations, but it’s hard when they don’t seem to care about her at all.

Granny Grabber is the slightly wonky housekeeping/childminding robot who comes to look after Delilah, and for the first time Delilah gets an inkling of what it’s like to have a normal, loving childhood. But when her parents are sent a replacement upgrade robot, Granny Grabber is at risk, and Delilah has to save her.

I can’t gush enough about this lovely book. Granny Grabber’s robot language is hilarious, Delilah is a lovely sympathetic character, her parents and the rival housekeeping robot are fantastic baddies.

I laughed a lot, and finished the book with tears in my eyes. It’s rare to find a book so genuinely funny, so this is definitely one for parents to read to their children.

The book feels very modern, with the robots and themes of celebrity – but it also feels very classic and I think it will stand the test of time. It’s an easy, fun read for any child 7+, but the writing and story are perfect and I would recommend it to anyone.