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Children’s Book Circle: Authors And The Digital Age


Tonight I dashed from work to go to the Penguin office on the Strand – bliss – just being in the building fills me with a sense of wholesome publishing history and worthiness.

The gist of the evening was that we should embrace the opportunities of the web, and seeing as I’ve worked in social media and online advertising for the past five years, I really have no excuse. At all. It covered the benefits of blogging and Tweeting and how to go about it – all in a very positive, happy way.

We heard from Sarah McIntyre (her blog is at Jabberworks) – I love the fact she’s on Livejournal, this is where I started my first blog, aged seventeen, as advised by my American boyfriend at the time. I had thousands of followers and was obsessed with writing a huge amount every day, but alas had to delete the account because back in those days we didn’t know much about privacy, and first I was plagued with trolls and then my grandad found the blog and questions were asked about some of my antics at the time (sorry you had to read that, gramps.) She was very witty and looked generally fabulous in wacky attire and had lots of good advice on blogging.

If you would like to read a proper write-up of the event and all the insights, please see Caroline Hooton’s post here.

I met Liz de Jager’s from My Favourite Books – she was lovely. Having worked for companies that sometimes work with publishers in seeding book trailers on blogs, I talked to her for a bit about that – she said she didn’t feel it was right for her blog, as she wants all her followers to feel secure that her reviews are unbiased. I’m amazed by how selfless some people are, it’s a lot of work and on top of working full time, it’s incredible.

Must pack – Harrogate Crime Writing Festival tomorrow!