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Kittens Ready for Adoption!


Two months ago, I decided to use my last few months in the UK doing a GOOD DEED. Okay, the good deed was also completely selfish in that I got to fulfil a lifelong dream of taking care of baby kittens, watching them grow up and teach them to love humans. I called up Croydon Animal Samaritans and and a week later they dropped off a cold and hungry kitten family that had been found living rough in a carpet factory in Croydon. The mum was incredibly skinny, the kittens were just furry little milk-filled slugs, and I immediately fell madly in love with them all.

*sob* it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done, *sob*, but now they are 8 weeks old, ready to leave their mum, and I am going to be leaving the country very soon. They need homes. They need cat-loving homes with owners who will be as besotted by them as I am. Preferably with a garden, and if they can go in pairs then this would make them very happy little kitties, they are too small to be all alone! Plus they look awesome when they sleep in little piles like this:

2013-07-02 21.07.46

I have four baby kittens ready to go:

1. Completely black (girl)

2. Black with a bit of grey belly and a tiny bit of white on the tip of one back paw (boy)

3. Black with a small white patch on tummy (girl)

4. Black with a tiny white patch on tummy (boy)

Also I have their mum, who is an elegant, sleek black lady with the glossiest coat you’ve ever seen. She’s small and we think she’s still a young cat, probably only around two years old. She loves having her head rubbed, she purrs lots and is very patient and calm.

Finally, I have the kittens’ big brother, the mum’s boy from a previous batch of kittens, who again is all black but for six white hairs on his chest, we think he’s around 8 months old. He arrived very shy and unused to attention, but has blossomed into one of the most affectionate and adoring cats I’ve ever met, who constantly follows me, climbs on me and headbutts my hand for a stroke.

It would be wonderful if the mum and her big boy kitten could be homed together, as they are very close.

Here are lots of kitten pics for your viewing pleasure:

Grey Belly Fur

These kittens are well trained in the art of cuddles:

2013-07-08 23.00.43

Big brother using grey-belly-fur kitten as a footrest:

2013-07-07 19.05.10

The big brother, looking adorable cuddled up on my bed:

2013-06-22 10.13.55

This is the lovely patient mummy:

2013-06-24 00.32.58


I live in Crystal Palace, and the cat shelter I’m looking after them for is Croydon Animal Samaritans, so you can either email me at or call Anna-the-cat-shelter-lady on 020 8698 6813 or 07790 337119.

Thank you!